white woman in mid-30s with mid-length light brown hair, wearing a patterned knit cardigan, with trees in the background

I’m Anna and I live at the foot of the Campsie Fells near Glasgow with my partner, our dogs, Rowan and Rufus, and rescue hens. I am an activist with Climate Camp Scotland, and I work part time at the journal Literature and Theology. I knit lots of things; I also spin, crochet, embroider and needle-felt.

I started this site as a blog to document my experiments in natural dyeing — mostly with plants I grow myself or I forage while walking the dogs– and the things I make from the results. Now that I have decided to leave academia, I also intend to use this space for sharing my writing on theology, politics, ecological activism, and craft.

I occasionally post on Instagram but can be found more often on Twitter. Check out past and upcoming talks and media stuff. You can email me at hello AT annafisk DOT com.