• Panellist, ‘Curiosity, creativity and the climate’, Christian Aid Scotland at the Climate Fringe, 23 September 2021, 7.30pm, online
  • Keynote panellist, ‘Activist Responses to Climate and Ecological Crisis‘, British and Irish Association of Practical Theology
  • Keynote lecture, ‘Mercy Not Sacrifice: Reflections on a Healthy Prophetic Climate Movement’, Centre for the Study of Theology and Health ‘An Ecology of Health’, 21st-25th June 2021, Holy Rood House, Thirsk
  • Panellist, ‘Climate change: how do we turn words into actions?‘, CommonSpace Forum, May 2019, Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow.
  • Roundtable panellist, ‘Theory, Policy and Praxis: Ecocriticism and Energy Futures’, Theory Now: A Symposium for Theory and its Futures, 22nd March 2019, University of Glasgow
  • Panellist, ‘Textiles and Wellbeing’, Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival, 10th May 2019, Paisley
  • Guest lecture, ‘Crafting Spiritualities: Knitting and Making Meaning’, Open House: Encounters and Reflections, Kelvinbridge Church, Feb 2018, Glasgow
  • Guest lecture, ‘Feminism and Religion: Beyond Equal Rites’, December 2014, Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys, Canterbury,


Academic Presentations

  • ‘Stitch for Stitch You Are Remembering’. Faith Lives of Women and Girls, Queen’s Foundation Birmingham, March 2019.
  • Review Panel: The Bible and Feminism. Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, Denver, November 2018.
  • ‘“Behold the Rhino”: Collective Guilt and Redemption in Popular Representations of Nature’. International Society of Religion, Literature and Culture Biennial Conference, Uppsala, September 2018.
  • ‘Patterns of the Breath: Knitting, Spirituality and Mindfulness’. Implicit Religion Annual Conference, Hinsley Hall, Leeds, May 2018.
  • ‘Stitches in Time: Craft, Temporality, and Hope’. Annual Meeting of International Network for Experimental Philosophy and Theology, University of Chichester, March 2018.
  • ‘“So That You’ve Got Something for Yourself”: Knitting, Spirituality and Gender’. Seminar for Literature, Theology and the Arts, University of Glasgow, September 2017.
  • ‘Crafted Narratives: Knitting, Storytelling and Auto/Ethnography’. Annual Conference of the British Association for the Study of Religions, University of Chester, Sept 2017.
  • ‘Knitting as Material Memorialisation’. Implicit Religion Annual Conference, Sarum College, Salisbury, May 2017.
  • ‘Towards a Personal Theopolitics of Pessimism’. Annual Meeting of International Network for Experimental Philosophy and Theology, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, March 2017.
  • ‘Crafting Ecotheologies: Autoethnographic Reflections on Knitting and Nature’. ISRLC, University of Glasgow, September 2016.
  • ‘Sorrow in Feminist Revisioning of Passion and Resurrection Narratives’. Sorrow in Literature, Theology and the Arts, Glasgow and Gothenburg Day Colloquium, March 2016.
  • ‘Knit Together: Sociality and Spirituality in Knitting Groups’. SocRel (British Sociological Association Sociology of Religion Study Group) Annual Conference, Kingston University London, July 2015.
  • ‘Reimagining Other-than-Human: Pagan Engagement with Indigenous Animism’. ISRLC, Leuven, September 2014.
  • ‘A Religious Thing: Ursula’s Blanket’. Theology, Poetics and Religious Things Seminar, University of Stirling, June 2013.
  • ‘Craft, Spirituality and the Material World’. SocRel (British Sociological Association Sociology of Religion Study Group) Annual Conference, Durham University, April 2013.
  • ‘Theological Life-Writing and the Trouble with Narrative’. Seminar of the Centre for the Study of Literature, Theology and the Arts, University of Glasgow, May 2011.
  •  ‘Sex, Spirituality and Submission to the Other’. ISRLC, University of Oxford, September 2010.
  • ‘“Not Simple, Not Pure”: Sara Maitland’s Anti-Tales of Wicked Women’. Anti-tales: The Uses of Disenchantment Symposium, University of Glasgow, August 2010.
  • Chair of ‘Feminist Revisioning of the Bible’, keynote panel with Sara Maitland and Michelene Wandor. Re-Writing the Bible: Devotion, Diatribe and Dialogue Symposium, University of Glasgow, June 2010.
  •  ‘The Female Body in Agony and Ecstasy: Ascetic Women in Michèle Roberts and Sara Maitland’. Biennial Conference of the Postgraduate Contemporary Women’s Writing Network, ‘Writing Bodies/Reading Bodies’, University of Oxford, September 2009.