Climate Activism and Ecotheologies

Craft and Spirituality


In 2014 I published a book based on my PhD thesis, Sex, Sin and Our Selves: Encounters in Feminist Theology and Contemporary Women’s Literature (linked to Amazon so you can read the kind reviews, but please don’t buy from there!).

It brings together readings in feminist theological thought and the second-wave feminist fiction of Michele Roberts and Sara Maitland, exploring themes of selfhood, connection, sex, sin, and self-sacrifice. The book seeks to challenge a tendency of feminist theology to seek simple and idealised answers, rather than honour complexity and the need to continue to ask questions. In the encounters in feminist theology and contemporary women’s writing, I use autobiographical narrative, critically understood as “reading these stories beside my own.”

Even though it’s quite old now, and I felt like I was ‘done’ with a lot of those themes, I’ve been going back to them in thinking about climate activism and theology. So might still be interesting and relevant to someone! It’s not too expensive, as academic books go. In the States you can buy direct from the publisher; in the UK from Bookshop.org.

Feminism and Religion

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Higher Education